Monday, September 05, 2011

Monday 5th September 2011….a much better day.

Ramona has forgiven me for yesterday’s mishap and just told me to be more considerate in future!!!

Sunny day and I went for a walk this morning I was going to go with Paula and Jerry when they left at 7.30am  but just could not get the legs out of bed…so I went about 8.30 am and walked down their country road for about 2 miles and did not see a Moose but you are not going to believe this I did see a LION!!!!  Yes there is a small zoo in the community and I could hear the animals so I peeked over the fence and there was the lion!!!

Came back to be asked would I like poached egg for breakfast I think you know the answer to that!!!  Jerry also nicely surprised me with the news that he had called  a friend in the town an older man that does work on RV’s and he has worked for Jerry before and does a good job so I am taking Ramona there tomorrow morning at 8am…so hoping the work is not too involved.

After breakfast the three of us went on a little driving tour and stopped here

sep5 001-1

and we bought some fresh stuff for supper then went around the air base that is town and I was very surprised that we could drive onto the base without any military checkpoints it was interesting to see some of the old planes on display in the grounds…from there it was back home for an afternoon of reading, eating, swimming, sleeping

sep5 003-1

some laundry

sep5 002-1

and feeding the wildlife!!!!




Jerry thought it might rain overnight so he taped up Ramona!!!

sep5 006-1

Paula and Jerry cooked another wonderful meal and followed by delicious strawberry shortcake…I may just stay here for the Winter!!!

We got out maps and route markings and some places for me to see both here in Nova Scotia and then in the States next month.

Tomorrow Jerry will go with me to drop off Ramona!!!

So I had a really lovely day and Paula and Jerry have been so wonderful and kind to me I am so lucky!!

Their home is so elegant and o tastefully decorated this is the front of the house!!!

sep5 007-1

I hope you day was a great one too!!!

Map picture

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