Sunday, September 18, 2011

Saturday 17th September 2011….You just knew this was going to happen!!!

After my rather bragging post of yesterday brought back down to earth tonight as Paula waxed Jerry and I and the cup says it all!!!!

sep17 060

Well done a worthy winner!!!

This morning was just beautiful and the three of us sat at the yacht club and had morning drinks!!

sep17 002

sep17 005

Then it was on to the main street for

sep17 009

How many of you can say you have been to a whirligig festival?

There was just enough wind and the entries were well made and quite funny.

sep17 008

sep17 006

I then arranged to meet Paula and Jerry here

sep17 010

Maybe one of the nicest beaches in the province and I went for a long walk!!!

sep17 011

sep17 012

sep17 018

sep17 023The beach had a few sand dollars around but not many.

sep17 025

The plan had been to spend the night here but we all thought the parking area was too small and crowded so Jerry suggested a wharf a few miles away and that's where we are!!

sep17 040

sep17 033

It is lovely here and we all spent a relaxing afternoon followed by a wonderful supper and the Paula and Jerry came over and the rest is history….see first photo!!!!

So now I have a movie ready to go, tea made and cookies awaiting…

No Internet so it will be Sunday before I post this……lucky enough to have yet another hot and fabulous day!!!

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