Saturday, May 31, 2014

Saturday 31st May 2014...Day 54!!!!

Another good sleep and whilst having breakfast i was reading a national newspaper and for whatever reason because I never read the horoscopes I read mine cool is this!!! Janet packed up a really good lunch and Malc dropped me off here and I was on my way to Hornsea my last hike before I leave on Tuesday. This is on an old railway line and this was the scenery quite boring really I have NO IDEA where that photo came from!!!! So three hours and 15 minutes and 18 km later I was at the ocean at Hornsea!!! I can walk constantly at 5km an hour or just over 3 miles and felt good after the walk. I strolled along the sea front for a while my Grand parents had a trailer here and as children we used to come to this beach often. Then it was on the bus back to Hull and then another bus home. Janet cooked a wonderful meal followed by the famous "Wingies" and we spent the evening watching television and relaxing....Have a great weekend!! Yashi Kochi!!

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