Thursday, May 08, 2014


I hit the wrong button so read the post below first and then this I bet some of you think what has that kid been drinking.'

So the photo with me in my toque(thanks Heather and boys)was taken at the top of a small hill but there is a story to this hill it is a special place and if you follow three directions and make three wishes they will come true Andi did this...first you have to start the hike from a certain gravestone which I did....then you are not to look back whilst climbing which I did not do and then face east and make the 3 wishes but never to reveal to anyone what the wishes I did all that..I did a few hikes and was thankful for my 4 dollar rain pants and my great Camino rain jacket...the one with the Icelandic horses was cute I stopped when I saw them in a field about 30 yards away and as soon as I got out of the car they came running to much for wild horses..'saw some interesting churches and did a long hike to the waterfall that is shown in the distance and then c!owe was so peaceful and lovely I have seen so many waterfalls these last few years.
My worries about Ingred the red were unfounded she did well 13 hours and 450km'
I enjoyed my sandwiches and drink and the island is very stark lots of volcanic substance and black  but then I found the beach with the golden sand go figure.
So now ten o'clock and of course still light.
Another day out planned for tomorrow but not as far and the forecast is for some sun.
Sorry this is not a great way to do the blog still a work in progress....
Yashi kochi!!

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