Saturday, May 10, 2014

Saturday 10 th May 2014....Day 33!!!!

This is so very frustrating for me I have spent so much time on the photos of today but cannot seem to download them  from this unit into the post...then I just finished a very very long post about today with some personal stuff in it that was a bit of an ordeal to write then when I went to post it...phew it vanished...I feel a bit drained and a tiny part of me is sad so all I am going to say is that today's hike was probably was of the greatest hikes I have done in all my years of hiking  and the waterfall,  the highest in Iceland was breath was a special day until I went to fill Ingred the red with gas...76 livres cost me .....wait for it....

180 dollars!!!!!!!!!!   I am still in shock!!!

If I wake up early I will attempt the photos again....sorry for this.
I leave in the morning for a long drive to see the ice bergs in the lagoon I will gone overnight but more on that tomorrow....did not mean to be melodramatic..... But an emotional day......blessings les

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