Saturday, May 03, 2014

Friday 2nd May 2014…..Day 27th!!

So 34 years ago today I said “I do” to this lady



Connie and I were married in Bermuda and as they say..the rest is history!!

I spent  about an hour this morning sorting through my back pack and getting all the stuff I need in it and when I finished the weight came in as 15 pounds so I am very happy with that…I also bought a patch and this morning Heather ironed it on and I think it looks good…..a native wolf!!!


Heather and Ben then took me out for a really nice breakfast and then I went and did some last minute errands before  I went over to Karen's for tea and to say good bye to her.

From there I drove about 45 minutes to Sara's house where I delivered some plants for a belated Birthday gift and we went out on a short hike to








So I decided to climb to the top of the trestle from the bottom…


the black X shows me just starting out and below is me almost at the top!!!!


Linda, Barb, Heather any one else  kidding!!!


A very impressive hike from here we went to a local restaurant where we had dinner and then back to Sara’s house where I got my pre-Camino haircut…photos tomorrow and I was home just after 10pm so another long and wonderful day.

Big day tomorrow prom day stay tuned!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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Esther said...

Hi to Sara!

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