Friday, May 09, 2014

Friday 9 th May 2014.…...Day 32!!!

Well going to try to get this right tonight....the photos below are in 4 segments as my went starting with Pingveller, the geysir, the waterfall and then the drive home.

Another good sleep but awake at 5 did some research, some e mails and had breakfast and packed up for the day and another road trip this time doing what they call hear "the golden circle".

It was about a 45 minute drive to the first attraction and I was there about one hour before the tour was rather neat walking around on my own seeing the is of a strange rock formation.  Which reminds that in yesterday's photos the of the things that look like small colored pieces of bread are rocks I collected and I did not know until today that they come from underground thermal springs.
The shot of the cliff and reflection also shows all the coins thrown in when making a wish.  I like the goose checking out the real estate!!!
See what happens when the tourists arrive....all stood on the cliff....this was a great start to the day I walked around for over two hours and as I drove to the next site had a wonderful sandwich and OJ.
Next up was the geysir this was interesting but to be honest I was not that impressed.... The tourists all waiting to get the eruption shot...
About half an hour away was the waterfall and I mean what a waterfall....I had my lunch here sitting on a rock just looking....listening to the mighty roar of the water and thinking how small and insignificant I am!!!
As you know my hobby is sort of waterfall watching and I have seen many in various countries and this one ranks right up there.
On the way home I took a back road and saw various things'..see Ingred the red on the bridge... More horses....Shelton springs which was quite impressive and I hiked up err up to springs at the top of the mountain and the views were lovely.
The black beach and a beautiful lake and finally a drying plant of dead fish words are not adequate to describe the SMELL!!!
So sorry this is not a great way to tell you about my day but.'......another 300km and no problems...already had my shower, supper and got cleaned up and planning for tomorrow...going to do a hard hike to the highest waterfall in the country....
Now almost ten and a gorgeous evening....
Yashi Kochi!!

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