Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Hope this works!¡!!!

Wow how frustrating is this good job I am a patient man..I just wrote a long blog added photos then could not publish it no mattetor what I tried so below are some photos and I will try to post this without photos.'
This is going to be fun figuring stuff out any way...'
Here we go again... When I left you yesterday I was about to board the plane and the 7 hour flight passed quite fast..good seats and a vacant seat next to me, individual TV screen and I brought my own food good job as the food was expensive.
A 7 hour time difference so we arrived at 8am.  I had done lots of research and planning... So out of the terminal and onto a bus for the 50 minutes ride to the downtown bus terminal where I had arranged to meet Ari who was renting me his private vehicle for 50 dollars a day...he was there and we exchanged money for keys and he told me know to bring it back to the station next Tuesday can see the car she is called Ingrid the red a good viking name...she is old with lots of miles so I hope I have no trouble with her.
I then drove to the apartment where I had booked for 7 nights at 30dollars a night and I met Jon who lives upstairs in the main flat with his wife and two young place is very small as you can see but very clean and it has all I need...there is a bathroom down the hall and I use the shower upstairs.
I got unpacked and had a power nap and then and went out walking and found a bakery where I bought some bread and the found a supermarket and bought something's... I will only mention this once but everything is very expensive, gas was $2.35 a litre and the food about twice the price.
Back home I did some trip planning as I intend to be out for the whole day.'
I then went and walked about a mile to the local swimming thermal was nice not way hot and I soaked about 30 minutes....on the way back passed the national soccer stadium.....people do not speak to you as they pass but when asked a question very friendly and it seems everyone speaks English.. But I have learned now and to say thank you please yes and no in Icelandic.
Another thing it is now after 9pm and still bright outside I think it gets dark around10.30pm...also another thing I thought they would drive on the left but no the same as UsA and Canada.
So I have waited a long time to come to this country and I look forward to seeing as much as I can I realize I cannot see the whole island so i have picked the south and southeast to visit and explore.
Sorry for the mistakes and the mess with the photos.'..blessings
yashi kochi!!!


Kevin Read said...

Wish we could see the pictures...hope you get it figured out!

If I remember correctly, saying "thank you" in Icelandic is very difficult...

mexicokid said...

Actually that is an easy word...takk.
I can post now but would to know how you post with writing after the photos not easy on the nexus looks like you have another great summer job cheers les

Paula and Jerry said...

Looking forward to more posts and pictures. Iceland is on our list of places to visit. Have a terrific time exploring!

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