Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday 11th May 34!!!

Well this is going to be a long one thanks to my lovely friend Carol I am now hopefully able to do this the way it should still one small glitch that I hope Carol can fix....
Wanted to wish my special Dani a very happy 12th birthday I have not be able to see her for a long time but I think of her often.
Also want to wish all the mum's reading a a wonderful day today.  My mum was so wonderful and I often quietly thank her for being my mum!!!
Well let's get back to yesterday left early and some sights on the way
.This was my destination today the highest waterfall in Iceland... The sign says it is a tough hike and why don't you come along with me!
It was uphill from the the start but the view of the canyon was wonderful.
Even some color along the almost to the top
OK after about one hour of tough hiking I felt like I was on tuop of the world and really the photos don't do enogth mist....
View from the top over the valley

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