Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wednesday 28thMay 2014....Day 51!!!!!!

Can you believe it i slept in till 8.30am!!!!!! Had a quick breakfast and then Janet and I went here at 9.30am!!! Some history Malc and I were raised in the Salvation Army by third generation Salvationists and i am blessed to have had the opportunity of growing up with in this organization with my parents because i think that has paved the way in my later life to be kind, generous and thankful for my blessings. The Army is a wonderful caring organization doing many fabulous acts of kindness the world over. Janet and Malc are still very active in the church and every Wednesday Janet volunteers to cook the lunch time meal for at least 50 homeless people...Malc normally goes in to help but could not this morning so I said I would take his place. My first job was to peel and cut about 12 pounds of potatoes.. Janet was in charge of baking the meat pies and getting the veggies ready!!! I mashed the potatoes and then helped Janet serve 52 meals consisting of hot tea and coffee, meat pie, pots, veggies and gravy and chocolate roll and hot custard followed by more tea. This was hard work 5 hours non stop and Janet is an Angel full of boundless food came back and they all were so very thankful for a hot meal!!! Came home had a quick snack and went into the village and bought some Euros, did a minor repair on the Nexus and case makes it much easier and came home and did some more planning here are a couple more stages you can see the distance at the top and it is all in km!!! It has rained all day so a good afternoon to stay home and just relax..... Thanks Heather for sending the link below an interesting artcile on the Camino ..the article talks about the Camino Frances and I am actually doing the Camino Norte which goes across the top coast of Northern Spain!! So the count down is on and I am resting and will doing some visiting the next couple of days and then a last big hike on Saturday. Yashi Kochi!!!!

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