Sunday, May 25, 2014

Saturday 24th May 201....Day 47!!!!

Had a a good sleep even though a mighty rain storm came through around 4am the GT is wonderful no leaks!!! After breakfast I got ready for a big solo hike and was on the road by 9.40am......I walked through the village and then 3 miles all up hill to here Then got off the road into the woods and soon found this delightful wooden sculpture!!!! Following the directions in my guide book I was now into heavily treed forest and hardly any paths and I got lost well and truly......I followed what I thought might have been the right path and finished up doing a loop on myself....when all of a sudden out of the blue I saw this sight!!! I asked the guide to help me with directions and I found out later he sent me the complete opposite of where I needed to go...the kind lady on the horse set me straight and soon I was back on course but there was a lot of road walking before I reached the waterfalls and to be honest these falls were not all that great!!! I knew now I had a long walk home but i had lots of food and drink. It did start to rain but again I have to praise my back pack cover and my rain jacket both work really well. These last few days I have passed by thousands of sheep and lambs and they are very skittish but not this one!!! He even let me pet him on the nose!!! I was back home six hours later and I reckon all told I walked close to 15 miles..but I enjoyed everyone of them and as always did a lot of my focus is moving towards Spain and the Camino and it's challenges. Janet made another wonderful dinner and we had a pleasant evening watching the live European soccer final from Lisbon!!!! Blessings to all and I sure hope this format works still having issues. Yashi Kochi!!!

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Carol said...

Looks great on my phone Les... So it appears to be working. :) LOVE the unexpected sculptures!

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