Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wednesday 15th May 2014...Day 37!!!!

So after 7 wonderful fun filled days I left Iceland and 8am this morning and I had a great seat exit row with loads of leg room and by the window.... The flight was just over 2 hours and o watched a movie which o enjoyed but we landed before it had finished so I shall have to remember to watch it again when o flu back later on the summer.
Coming into Manchester....where Janet and Malc were waiting for me.  It is just over
Two years ago since I was last home so it was a special reunion.
Just under two hours to get home and it was the first time I had seen their new home which they bought almost a year ago after being I'm their previous house over 30 years.... Their new bungalow is just so lovely one level in a cul de sac and they have it looking like a show home!!!
It is really great to be here again and there is nothing like family!!!!
Sam and Darren came over for a visit they are excited they are going to Canada next month for a vacation and then later Claire and Mark came over with their son Tom who is going to be 10 this summer.   Tom helped me hook up to the internet and it was great to see them all looking so well.
I hope to see Andy is special that all the family live close by.
So getting ready for bed another hour time change so who knows what that will do to my sleep pattern.
So good night from jolly old England
Yashi Kochi!

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Paula and Jerry said...

Happy to hear you arrived safe and sound, Les. Enjoy your family time to the fullest!

Friday 20th July 2018......Friday again?????

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