Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday 12th May 2014....Day 35!!!!

The same sleep pattern persists a good sleep till around 5 am....I don't feel tired and I have lots of energy anyway I finished off last night's blog so can start a fresh one and I hope I can do a better job again this is ony possible because of Carol's help!
The breakfast was buffet style and it was excellent and I was on the road just after 8 am I knew it was going to be a long drove but Ingred the red has a real cruise control and that sure helps.
It was 200km to my destination....
All the tour guides tout this as a must see,..I wonder why what do you think??
Do you see a face here!!!
This is simply a place to behold!!

This is so cool

You see the berg over by the bridge well it just broke away and I ran and followed it down to the ocean

Where it got caught in the current and did not go anywhere.

These guys were hanging out below the bridge

Oops I doubled some of the photos.,..
It was a remarkablelace and reminded me of the icebergs I saw I NF  in 2011??
This was as far east as o was going so I turned around and started back on the same road to my next stop and the last waterfall of this journey..

I have no idea why these samehotps keep coming anyway in the photo above the small white line in the middle is where to am heading...and rewarded with a very different rock formation fall!

OK now it is driving me nuts!!!!
So that it is my last day of driving I did not get back home till 8 pm but I !adw one more st but if I post photos all those will come up I will
Post this and do a separate one it is worth waiting for.

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