Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday 23rd May 2014....Day 46!!!!

I do not know what happened to the scrabble winner photo from last night it was a good photo and modesty forbids me from telling you that i won!!! Had a good sleep but woke up to rain and a bit cooler....we had breakfast and the skies were starting to clear so we decided to go out driving for the day and sight see. The first stop as the town of Windermere where the biggest lake in the area is located and here are some shots of a 3 mile walk we did there. You know I love deer shots and my trusty zoom came in handy again.... We had a packed lunch and walked around the town a bit and then went to this was a really lovely waterfall Malc and I walked around and it was a nice interlude.. We were back at the trailer by 6pm just when it started to rain....we had a nice supper got cleaned up and now ready for the scrabble. I pre wrote the blog in the trailer like I have been doing then ome to the room to get internet and publish the photos and tonight a glitch...I do everything the same on get the photos and when i go to publish a box comes up saying choose a format have not seen that before so when i choose a format and publish insted of th photo i get this help please.....les

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