Sunday, June 01, 2014

Sunday 1st June 2014....Day 55!!!

Rabbits,rabbits, rabbit!!!!!!! Hard to believe that June has arrived and my big adventure three days away. This morning i went with J & M to the church for their morning service I always like to go it brings back many memories of my youth. We then enjoyed the wonderful sunny day by sitting outside in the garden reading and catching some rays...I wanted to post some more photos of me in my skimpy shorts but Janet forbade me!!!!! At 3pm we all went around to Andy's for a visit and then I went to the chiropodist and had some work done on my toe!!! She was a bit shocked when I asked to take the photo a first for her she said. Tonight I treated the whole family to dinner it was great that before i leave we could all be was a lovely buffet dinner which we all thoroughly enjoyed. So another good day comes to an end I am just doing some last minute preparation for the Camino!!! Yashi Kochi!!

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