Monday, May 12, 2014

finishing off

Well it is now Monday morning 6am and I had a great sleep...I have read over what I wrote yesterday and sorry for all the mistakes I will get used to this small keyboard and will buy a small keyboard when I get to England will make it much better but will not take it to the Camino.
I got mixed up with the waterfalls yesterday they were both breathtaking and the one I was able to walk around lovely on all the waterfalls I have seem this was only the third I could walk around the others were in Oregon and Croatia.
On the post at the highest waterfall
 Obviously the song should have been amazing grace...will try to get better as I go along.
So let !e finish yesterday...the room is really nice
And the name of the b&b is very easy to pronounce
So after a cuppa o was back on the road exploring and on this long stretch of road I came across this visitors center with a few cars parked outside so I went in and this nice lady said l was just in time for a movie so o went and sat on the little auditorium and watched a fascinating 20 minute film on the big volcanic eruption which took place in 2010 and I realized the Lady in the movie was the same lady at the center.. The struggle they went through was simply amazing and of course I realized that this was the eruption that grounded those thousands of flights with all the ash in the air when I asked where her house was she said right across the highway.
A really neat place to see now I knew the history
Next it was down to the sandy beaches of a town called Vik and the different rock formations

Then found a shop selling wool products and went in and bought myself a nice pair of thick wool socks to use for slippers
I also bought an Icelandic soccer shirt wait for it the cheapest thing in this country.... FOUR.dollars
If any one makes any comments about a certain shiny patch on my head there is a blog ban in your future!!
I thought you only saw animals on the road in Mexico
When I was much younger I used to have a neat black and white wool sweater and now I know where it came from
This baby could only have been a few weeks old
Finally back at the B & B and going lambs

Well all done again sorry for the typos... Now going for breakfast and then heading east to the iceberg lagoon and then a long drive back home...see you tonight
Yashi Kochi!!


living.boondockingmexico said...

Excellent photos. It looks like a trip of a lifetime. Those wool socks have me thinking about a pair. I'm looking on line. Have fun Les and be safe.

Carol said...

Great rocks! They should call it Rockland!

Carol said...

Ps... Meant to say I think that is the best soccer shirt ever!

mexicokid said...

See Chris a blog without FOOD!!the socks are so wonderful and Carol you would love all the varied formations... Can you see me walking down to the Jardinin this shirt!!!les

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