Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tuesday 27th May 2014...Day 50!!

As a very modest guy this is hard for me to write but just as the Baseball has World series, Hockey the Stanley Cup, Basketball the Championships and soccer the World cup we Pearson's have the tea cup for the scrabble championship which I walked away with last night!!! Well my last sleep in GT was a good one and i have enjoyed being close to nature.....we managed to pack everything up in Stella and we were heading home by 9.30am. An uneventful drive home arriving back mid afternoon spent a while unpacking and getting everything put away. We had fish and chips for dinner from the local fish and chip shop and they were really good..just a quiet evening after all the family stopped by to say hello and here is the first report on my Camino. I leave on Tuesday 3rd June and fly to Bilbao in Spain. I spend the night there and the next day take the bus to Irun which is on the border of Spain and France and this is where i start the Camino the next morning. So lots of planning coming up!! This is a map of the Camino Norte with Irun as the marker and Santiago way over on the left side of the map A map of the first day's walk about 27 km!! Yashi Kochi!!

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