Sunday, May 11, 2014

part 2!!!

I still was not sure but just email
Ed Carol and she ixed me again
Ap let's get bcl to the blog below I was having lunch at the top of the world watching this totally amazing sight and I started to sing.... If you you tube music and search for amazing have sung by all Divo that is why I was singing maybe not quite like them.....anyway the first thing that happened was that I started thinking about Daniella and her birthday and all the happenings surrounding her not being allowed to visit with me..... Then. I started thinking about my family..... Then it was perhaps I would not be able to physically stand the challenge of the Camino next month....then it was about my relationship with Carolyn....then it was about my life and what direction I was heading....then it was about all the fighting going on in the world and how lucky I was to be living the life I now years were streaming down and then my watch!!!!!  My brother bought me the watch years ago when I was Reffing. It was a great watch and I only wore it when I traveled..... It suddenly started to screech really loud...I tried to press all four buttons etc stop it and only managed toill off three buttons...the watch was ruined and it would not stop making this awful noise so I threw it over the canyon into the waterfall.,. What a lunch I was having.... Anyway I hiked back down and really it was one of the most special hikes I have ever done.
These shots were on the drive home...

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