Monday, May 12, 2014

please read this after you have read the one below!!

So after this hike to the waterfall mentioned below I came back to where Ingred the red was parked and there was a couple just getting into their car and I overheard them talking about a short drive to a glacier I asked them where and they gave me directions it was like 5 minutes away so o had time so off I went... It was like 100 yards off the highway and I was gob smacked!!!!  If you not know what that meanslwase Google it....the small size photos so not capture how this scene was... Here I was forcing myself to wonder about these creations... The quietness was so eerie and it was such a sight to behold me and nature at it's best!!
What a fitting end to my six days of road trips o have seen so much and have been thrilled to share it with you!!
Tomorrow is my last full day and my apartment is about a 30 minute walk to down town Reykjavik ap o plan to sent the day there......
Yahsi Kochi!!

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Jean and Skip said...

Amazing place, love the glacier pictures.

Thursday 15th March 2018.....another great day!

i was not scheduled for tennis this morning so again I had a nice breakfast and then went to meet Jerry...remember Paula and Jerry were taki...