Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday 30th May 2014....Day 53!!!!

Well I have progressed from getting up at 6am to sleeping in till 8.30am two days in a row now...go figure. So after breakfast I set out on another road trip this time to visit family. I drove for an hour to the town of Doncaster where i was born and went to visit my cousin Shelia and her husband Peter and was pleased to find that my second cousin Caroline was there with her daughter my third cousin Chary!!!! Shelia is the older cousin by 7 days and her Mum Connie and my Mum were not only sisters but best friends and Shelia and I keep in touch by e mail and I always go to visit when I am it was really nice to see them all again thanks for the lunch and wonderful time!! I then went to look at the house where my Mum and Dad spent their last years they were always very comfortable here and hard to believe that my Mum has been gone 18 years and my Dad 7 years!! From here I went to visit the plot where my parents are and the headstone is a bit hard to read!!! Next stop was to the river where my Dad grew up and played as a kid...a really lovely area... from there I went to visit my only Uncle and Aunt.....Rita and Bram who is my Dad's Brother.......I cannot describe how it is to visit because Bram looks exactly like my Dad, same mannerisms, same skinny Pearson legs and same way of combing his hair everything. Rita still looks gorgeous at 85 years young and Bram who still plays badminton once a week will be 88 next birthday. We had a lovely afternoon and evening Bram and I went for a short walk around their village and Rita cooked a wonderful meal and we had great conversations and talks of days past!!! Thanks so much great to see you both doing so well. I was home by 8.30pm and it was a special day for me my family is paramount and for most of my adult life I have been thousands of miles away but we always just pick up like it was yesterday. Tomorrow is my last big hike before I leave on Tuesday so stay tuned. Yashi Kochi!!!


Shelagh Kouwenhoven said...

Good luck on the Camino, looking forward to your posts.

mexicokid said...


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