Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday 25th May 2014....Day 48!!!

A bit of a scrabble update....I managed to squeak in a vctory two nights ago despite what now seems to be a team game Malc tries to help Janet get the triple words...but give her credit she won last night so it is Janet 2 wins, myself 3 and the brains of the family Mally big fat zero!!! I thought i might be a bit tired this morning but happy to report my legs and body feels good after the big pavement walk yesterday. Sunny this morning but do not think it will stay all day..this area is noted for lots of rain and uncertain weather but it sure has not bothered us at all. This is a long weekend and as you can tell the camp site is totally full. Today we are going to go for a drive incorporate a hike to a waterfall and then a pub sunday lunch..want to come?? OK here we go... Malc taking money out of the money tree...just kidding he put in a coin!!! This was really a great walk the scenery, the waterfalls quite impressive!!! THE PUB After a traditional and lovely meal of roast beef and Yorkshire pudding with all the trimmings there followed dessert!!!! It was a real nice time out reminds me of the Sunday afternoon drives my Grandma and Grandad would take me on. We came back to the camp site and i waked into the village looked around the stores and bought myself a light watch for the big walk and also some Victoria sponge cake for to go along with scrabble tonight!!!! All this walking and eating just proved to much for J & M!!! Tonight a quiet evening getting cleaned up and some things sorted and then later the big scrabble game!! Tomorrow as I said a holiday here so it will be busy and it is also our last full day here so I plan to do another solo hike then we leave for home on tuesday morning and I have a week before I fly to Spain. So next week will be making final preparations, routes, gear and to get a poitive attitude that I can accomplish this....have a great evening!!! Yashi Kochi!!!

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