Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tuesday 20th May 2014....Day 43!!!!!

Well after last night's blog we settled down with tea and to carry on the family tradition of Scrabble in the trailer!!!!
Always close games and the winner and first blood to.....

....................way to go Janet!!!
Then i was off to GT and i did have trouble getting to sleep but finally managed to get off and slept well till almost 8am.
After a leisurely breakfast we got packed up and ready and took off for a days outing....Malc does all the driving and he did well so enjoy the photos of our drive and walks through the lakes!!!

It was a really great day this area is as all those folks told me very picturesque.... in lots of parts the road very narrow so not an easy drive!!!
We did not get back till gone 5pm and we enjoyed our time.
While Janet was cooking I went on a quick one hour hike around the village.

Here are a couple of shots I dd not know they gave sheep soccer jerseys with numbers!!!!!

For my more cultured readers!!!

After another great supper got cleaned up and going to post this and then will try to extract revenge at Scrabble.
So the forecasters were wrong no rain today!!!!
Yashi kochi!!!


Samantha Marshall said...

Nice one mum :-)

mexicokid said...

Check out the blog tomorrow!!!!! Les

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