Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday 18th May 2014.....Day 41!!!!

Well due to the late night I slept in till 8.15am and had a lazy morning getting things ready for the trip tomorrow.
The three of us are taking Stella
on about a 4 hour road trip to
I have not been to this part of the country before and it is supposed to be very lovely we are going to leave in the morning and be gone for 8 days the forecast is for some rain but we intend to enjoy ourselves anyway!!!
We spent most of the day packing and sorting and getting things ready and then Janet cooked a lovely meal and  I went over to Sam and Darren's home where Darren was kind enough to record the Kings hockey game from two days ago and we all sat down chatted and watched my Kings move on to the next round!!!
I am hoping there is internet at the camp site and I can post if not will catch up in a few days...blessings to all!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!

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