Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday 16th May 2014...Day 39!!!!

I felt like I slept in., 7 am!!!!!!!!
Had breakfast and read the newspaper and the got packed up and left on a hike.  I wanted to do a long walk and Malc found me a map of a good hike through a couple of nearby villages.  The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day...enjoy the hike with me?
I saw in the field but a long way away something running but too far away to make out what and I was amazed with the zoom on my camera to capture this shot...
It was a good hike which I enjoyed I walked about 13 miles..
Now I have been receiving numerous emails telling me that although the photos of Icelandic lava fields,waterfalls and glaciers are nice these readers want to see more photos of me and of course I have to oblige!!!!
Later on after Tom finished school he came over to wait for his Mum so I got him to show me how to copy and paste on my nexus... It took him all of one minute but good for me to know .how to do it.

After Malc and I went to watch Tom play in a cricket match...

Now I need to explain about tomorrow..... It is Cup Final Day which is one of biggest soccer games of the year played at the huge Wembley stadium in London in front of 90,000 fans.  The two teams playing are Arsenal a local London team and the other team is from Hull which just happens to be the city where my brother lives and he and his sons and grandson are huge fans!!
This game is the equivalent to a Stanley cup in hockey a world series in baseball or the super bowl in American football.  So as you can image the city is thrilled and shops and cars are adorned with flags of support.
So Mark and little Tom are  going with Claire and some of their friends ..'Malc is unable to go because of a prior commitment which he is not thrilled about and Andy has a ticket but needs a ride so I offered to take him so in the morning Janet, Andy and l will drove to London and park and then take the tube to the stadium where Andy will go watch the game live and Janet and I will find a big screen TV at a local pub... It should
be a fun time lots of driving but i am used to that.
We will not be home till the wee hours so no blog till Sunday morning!
Yashi Kochi!! L

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