Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tuesday 13th May 2014....Day 36!!!

Well at last I slept past 7 am.,.....my last full day and after six days of lots of driving and hiking and moving around i spent a leisurely morning of reading the news on the nexus, breakfast and sorting my suitcase .,.and around 11 am I packed my rainwear up and took off on foot to explore the city.
My first stop on the waterfront walk was this crazy sculpture whochmade no sense to me but is quite famous...

 The next sight was this house
 And here is why...
Another art work with no sign!!!

An unusual building!
 How did that appear again!!!!!
The down center is really quite small with not much to see I did go to this museum
It was very interesting depicting the rise of the Island but too dark to take photos.
This next one is for my brother and Janet!
Some more shots on my walk..
Another work of art with no sign I asked at the restaurant where it was on their sidewalk and they did not knoq anyway I like it!

The best for last!!
A wonderful modern work much different to my church in SMA...
I do object to paying money to get into a place of worship but I did pay the seven dollars.... Really quite simple and unassuming again I have no idea but the inside of the Church appeared at the top of the post....
The organ was impressive.

I did go up the the tower for these views.
Saw this ferocious dog on the walk home!
And this different mural...
Not too impressed with the center but glad I went and I walked about six miles.
So there it is my tour of Iceland comes to an end I have enjoyed seeing the country, meeting new and gracious people and seeing spectacular vistas and did I mention waterfalls!!
My flight leaves at 8am but it should be easy I still have Ingred the red and will drive her to the bus station tomorrow at 5.15am leave the key under the mat(a story one day on this rather unusual rental) and take the bus to the airport....I stopped at the airline's office this afternoon and confirmed my seat and was able to get a window seat in the exit row with extra leg room for tomorrow.... So at 12 noon should be met by my Bro and let the journey continue....
Yashi Kochi.

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