Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Tuesday 6th May 2014….Day 30!!!

Just a quick post before I head out the door to catch this train


to the airport it is a 5 minute walk away and for I think $2.25 will take me right to the airport…..had a good sleep this time till 7am and then went for a nice hike around the lake this morning…






Then went to a local store and bought some supplies to make sandwiches to take on the flight with me…..

So Little Bluey is parked safe for three months and Deb is so kind she is going to start her for me every month and then take her to get a wash and shampoo before I come back!!!!

So here we go on another adventure…I leave Seattle at 4.30pm it is a 7 hour flight and with the 7 hour time difference I get into Reykjavik around 7.30am local time.

I then take a bus right outside the airport to the bus station where I am meeting Ari and he is renting me his private car for a week……then I drive to the house where I am staying with a young Icelandic couple and their two small children….I think I have a small casita with my own entrance..the price for the rental car and the apartment is really a good deal considering how expensive Iceland is…….so I think I have Internet at the apartment so check back in late tomorrow blessings to all my readers!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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