Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday 28th February 2011…did something today I have never done before!!!

Went into town in the van this morning had to do some chores and get groceries so I parked on a side street where I have parked lots before close to the RV park and when I came back the van and the two vehicles behind me we all had a flat tire…I knew right away that it was vandals the rear tire was as flat as a pancake and the other owners were not happy campers… for the very first time I attempted to change a flat tire,,,,,yes all these years driving and my first flat to change…I know I got a flat a few weeks ago but I didn’t have to change the tire.

So I found the jack but could not find anywhere the tool to loosen and undone the nuts….so I got the spare tire out of its hiding place then had to go search around and borrow the tool to take the nuts off and did this and managed to change the wheels over but I was sweating and hot!!!!

Back to the repair shop I went to last time

fen29 001

fen29 003

He looked at the tire and confirmed my suspicion there was a huge slit in the side wall and the tire was toast… bought a new tire and he installed it in a few minutes…total cost 900 pesos about 75 dollars…….

Came home and did some cooking and also some sorting out for Ramona…Linda and Guy have confirmed their return and I pick them up this Sunday!!

I have enjoyed watching the numerous Hummingbirds around the two feeders but this guy…does he not know that he is not a hummingbird!!!

fen29 005

Had a late tennis date we played at 5pm for two hours just until it got dark…so there you have it another day done and tomorrow if you can believe it is MARCH!!!

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