Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday 15th February 2011……..A very quiet day!!

Up at 6.30am to take Sara to the local bus station

bus-to-melaque-barra-de-navidad-barra-de-navidadthis is the kind of bus she was on …first about a 5 hour ride to Guadalajara then another connection for another 5 hour ride to Puerta Vallarta…the bus looked very first class with refreshments, movies and bathrooms the total cost of her ticket about 60 dollars!!!

I was home by 7am and I haven’t left the house all day and spent no money!!!

Did some house cleaning and laundry there is nothing quite like washing your sheets and towels and clothes then hanging them on the line to sun dry!!!

I really enjoy seeing the Hummingbirds that come to the two feeders on the tree right outside the living room they are interesting and entertaining…

feb15 004

After my chores were done it was outside to the lounger!!!!  The last few days have been the warmest yet about 80 degrees and I spent an enjoyable two hours out there until I was forced inside to watch a live soccer game from Italy!!!

feb15 009

In my opinion and I know I am biased the most important man on the field!!!

feb15 008

Back outside to do some reading then bringing in the laundry and supper and an evening of television.

A bit quiet in the house but life is good…….

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