Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Tuesday 1st February 2011…..an easy day!!!

Not much on the agenda today Sara and I had a late breakfast and then I took Sara to the Tuesday market whilst I did errands she bought lots of great fresh vegetables and all these incredible best ever I have seen strawberries…

feb1 004

Cost of the berries 50 pesos!!!!!   Not even 4 dollars!!

What a small world whilst Sara was in the market buying some produce there was a lady next to her who looked at Sara and said to her that she knew her face from somewhere, after going through the usual places they may have seen each other the lady asked Sara if she was on a blog and sure enough this lady reads my blog and recognized Sara!!!!!

Back home I was “allowed” to watch a great live soccer game from England

feb1 003

and then Sara and I played 5 games of Backgammon……I won’t tell you who won but I am being treated to dinner and a show next week!!!!!

I cooked a really good supper tonight fresh pots, carrots and green beans and BBQ’d chicken breasts!!!!

Again we went to the small church theatre group and the play tonight was a great little comedy!!

feb1 013

Finished the night by stopping in at my favourite hole in the wall bakery..

feb1 005

Not a bad start to the month!!!

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Renee said...

I don't know Les...but I think you are simply having WAY too much fun down there in Mexico!!!!!!!!

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