Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday 26th February 2011…Big adventure…well almost!!!

Here we ago again…Saturday morning so you know you will find me in front of the TV at 9am with tea and toast and watching a live soccer game from England…

feb26 002

Rafael came over to some yard work and he brought his son with him, Rafael Junior…like Father like son!!!

feb26 003

So the adventure begins..I found out there is a huge soccer game being played in Queretaro

Map picture


at 5pm so decided to take the bus and go…here is the bus station in SMA and I found a good safe place to park the scooter

feb26 006

Here is the place to get the ticket can you believe it 50 pesos…4 dollars for a bus ride of about 75km!!!!

feb26 007

Off we go!!!

feb26 013

As the bus approached the station I saw that we passed the soccer stadium and it was an easy 15 minute walk to the stadium….so far so good…

There were lots of people and vendors around and I found a local soccer shirt but couldn’t decide upon the blue home shirt or the white away shirt (more on that later)..

feb26 024

feb26 025

feb26 026

This is where the problem started hundreds of fans and I tried to get to a ticket window only to be told all the tickets were sold out….Now I know they were playing the best club in Mexico and I was there 90 minutes before the start but surprised no tickets available.  I stood aside and watched the crowds and it was obvious that many people were in the same position as me and there were scalpers around but also lots of police and it was obvious from their actions that scalpers were not allowed…I watched and tried for over 45 minutes but could not get my hands on a ticket and the game was about to start and hundreds of people still outside…so decided enough and walked back to the bus station….saw this lady on the side walk

feb26 018

Just arrived at the terminal and got a ticket and got on the bus right away and was back in SMA by 7pm…..

On the ride home stopped on the road to take these photos…some of the best I think!!!

feb26 028

feb26 027

I just love this sunset!!!

So the big dilemma was should I buy the blue home jersey

feb26 029

or should I buy the white away jersey!!

feb26 032

feb26 031

So the way i solved this was to buy both shirts for a total cost of 200pesos…16 dollars for two shirts…I love Mexico!!

So after a day that was still a good day finished off by watching live hockey game from Vancouver!!!

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