Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday 13th February 2011……Super Sunday!!

First of all I have to apologize for a spelling mistake yesterday……should be Casa Hogar not Casar Hogar and thanks to my friend Chris for pointing this out to me!!

Tennis this morning and Sara came down to say goodbye to friends in the RV park and she took these action shots!!

feb13 004

feb13 006

After tennis we visited for a while and then I went to Casa Hogar and picked up the girls, we went to a Video Store and they picked out a movie and then back to the casa.

Here they are doctoring their popcorn with salsa..

feb13 009

The girls really enjoyed the movie and then Sara had some small gifts for them…

feb13 011

This will be the last time Sara will see Paola and Daniela and it was a little hard for them all saying goodbye!!!

We then went down town to the main Jardin where there was a music festival to celebrate this event..

feb13 021The opening of an architectural zone a few miles out of town.  the square was packed and there were three opera singers performing

feb13 016These ladies had amazingly powerful voices…

I like the light in this photo..

feb13 013

We then went to our favourite restaurant for supper and saw our friends Terri and Mike so visited for a while… and then on the way home  to the supermarket and here it is 11pm already….it was great that we were able to see the girls today and that we all enjoyed each other!!!

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