Sunday, February 06, 2011

Sunday 6th February 2011….one of the few not to watch Super Bowl!!!

I know I am getting repetitive but…up to watch live soccer, then 2 hours of great tennis, beautiful sunny day….but this is my life!!!!!

After tennis went down town to meet Robin, the coordinator for Casa Hogar and three other wonderful people to make plans for the Valentine`s day party at Casa Hogar on Saturday, these people are dynamic and the party will be a huge event and a happy one for the girls and the Madres.

Then went to see my friends Karen and Rob at the RV park they own a home in Nova Scotia and Rob was giving me some great advice for my summer epic journey.  I then stopped at my little flower stall located on a side street next to the huge cemetery, the owner knows me by now and I gave him 100 pesos about 8 dollars and he gave me all these lovely flowers…

feb6 001

feb6 002

feb6 003

Didn't`t get home till the middle of the afternoon felt really great and challenged Sara to 5 games of Backgammon…..that didn't`t turn out to well and my wallet will feel it tomorrow…

I really don`t care for American football so instead of the big game we watched an old but good movie…Mona Lisa smile….now let me see watching big beefy men in spandex pants or Julie Roberts..mmmmm….let me think on that!!!

Big road trip tomorrow so stay tuned….

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