Thursday, February 03, 2011

Thursday 3rd February 2011….dentist day!!

Had a lazy morning drinking tea, doing computer work and watching the hummingbirds out side the front window!!


feb3 001

We then went to Casar Hogar to pick up the girls I had booked a dental appointment for Paola.


We were taken aside by one of the Madres and Daniela and Paola were present when the Madre informed us that Paola still was not doing her homework to the Madre’s satisfaction and that Daniela was not doing her chores around Casa Hogar.  We had asked to take the girls all day on Saturday and the Madre told the girls in front of us that they must improve their work tomorrow or they would not be allowed to go.  The Madre was very good with the girls and she asked Paola and Daniela to tell us why they would not be allowed to come and they did.  It was a moment of reflection of how hard it must be for 5 Madres to be in total control of the running of the home with 45 girls of differing ages.  Both of the girls were humbled but accepted what was said and we were allowed to take them out.

Sara had arranged to go to a movie at the library so we dropped her off and then the girls and I went to a different dentist than before and it took us some time to find the office but we eventually did…

feb3 008

Paola was a little up tight but she was also brave and Dr.Laura was very good with her and Daniela and I were allowed in the room….

feb3 006Paola checking out the equipment!!

feb3 005

She was done in about 15 minutes she had a filling but the Doctor told me that she needs another tooth pulled to make way for her new tooth….so that will be in a couple of weeks.  I was very impressed with the Doctor now wait for it…..the cost of the filling …..150 pesos…about $12.50 cents unbelievable…Sara and I are making appointments next week to have our teeth cleaned!!

We then drove to the park passing these two forms of policing on the way

feb3 011

and the girls thought that ice cream would be a good idea….who am I to argue with them!!!

feb3 012feb3 013

I then dropped them off at Casa Hogar and they promised to be good tomorrow so I  hope they can come on Saturday.

I then went to the big local park close to the RV park where there was a huge plant and pot sale going on all week…

feb3 015

feb3 014

In the park a school band concert was taking place and our friends Karen and Rob had invited us to join them.

feb3 018

These kids were very talented here we are with family of one of the musicians…

feb3 019

The four of us then walked to a Texas longhorn restaurant for a wonderful steak dinner, it really was good and thanks to Karen and Rob for treating us!!!!!!

feb3 021

Yes I am holding the Margarita glass but not drinking from it, guess who that belongs to??

We didn’t get home till after 8pm where does the time go?…..I have to admit that today was the first day since November when it was not sunny and warm, overcast  but not cold!!!!

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