Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday 12th February 2011….Casar Hogar Valentine’s Party!!

Started the morning in the usual way for a Saturday…watching a live soccer game from England and at 8.30am took Sara to her last class for making her jewellery and I came home and finished watching the game.

Then it was off to Casar Hogar for the big party I was sort of in charge and I got there at 11am and some of the girls and the Madres were decorating the hall.  We had recruited some incredible people to help and entertain and my thanks go out to all of them…we had Bob and his parrot Pepi, Rae and his fable telling, a lovely young lady Marysol who translated the stories, Pat who entertained the girls with a Disney movie and Carol who was in charge of the food…..sit back and enjoy the girls enjoying their party and I think you will have to agree they all looked so beautiful in their long dresses!!!

feb12 001

feb12 007

feb12 010Here is Daniela babysitting!!

feb12 013

feb12 016

feb12 018

feb12 020Paola came late as she was visiting her Grandmother but there still was pizza for her!!

feb12 022

After the stories and pizza and cake and dancing the girls went into the dining room to watch a Disney movie!!!

feb12 023

Thanks to everyone who helped today it was so wonderful to see all the girls and Madres so happy on this special day!!!

Special thanks to my lovely friends in Nanaimo Phyllis and Ray for all they did today!!

Sara wants to show off the two pieces she made in her class they are very stunning!!!

feb12 026

feb12 029

We were invited to a house party tonight and I was a bit tired from all the activities so i dropped Sara off there and she will take a taxi home….so I am left all alone with nothing to do but watch the Canucks playing hockey…Great day…have you heard that before???

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