Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday 17th February 2011…would you want to be a Postie on this street?

After a great 2 hours of men's doubles tennis I went to this street that I had noticed last week…

feb17 004it is called

feb17 002

The following photos are taking walking down the street go figure out how they came up with this…

We start with number

feb17 003

feb17 005

followed by

feb17 006


feb17 007

back to normal…???


feb17 008

feb17 009

feb17 010Where did this one come from?

feb17 011

Didn’t we already see a number 37??

feb17 012

feb17 013

Just too funny!!

I then had three hours outside in the back yard which is very private…the sun was hot again today…just gotta love it!!!

Time for a evening on the town..first it was a one hour show a comedian and a story teller…

feb17 020Some of the jokes were a little old and corny but he performed well.  I then to the steakhouse for supper and then to St.Paul’s Church for the play reading evening.  It was a Norm Foster production.  He is a Canadian playwright and very funny if you ever get a chance to catch one of his plays I highly recommend it.  It was a great show!!!

feb17 023

On the way home I stopped at this brand new small sided soccer stadium, very nice with lights and artificial grass..

feb17 026

I was back home by 10pm and in time for the last period of Oilers hockey from Edmonton.  I remember the arena there very well and my first live hockey game in the winter of 1980…I was hooked on the sport after that and went to as many games as I could this was the Oilers at their prime with 99 and the rest of the talented team.

So there you have it another great day…I received an e mail from Sara and she arrived safely and enjoying her beach time with her son.

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