Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday 27th February 2011…a surprise visitor!!!

Just as I was leaving the casa to play my usual 2 hours oF Sunday morning tennis the phone rings and it is Sara’s son, Gabe, who I knew was travelling around Mexico but here he was in SMA.

So after tennis I went into town and picked Gabe up and brought him back to the casa where we visited and as he was leaving by bus for Queretaro later that afternoon I took him up to Casa Hogar to meet the girls.

They mobbed him and Paola was there and happy to report she was doing well and both her and Daniela were happy when I introduced Gabe as Sara’s son….

feb27 002

Paola was fascinated by Gabe’s angel tattoo…I just love this photo here is Paola with a man she has just met and yet she is looking at his arm and her little hand his on his…so sweet!!

feb27 003

and Daniela the dragon..

feb27 004Check out her hair!!!!

Gabe really enjoyed his visit and later I dropped him off at the bus station he is eventually working his way down to the Yucatan.

On the way home I stopped at my usual flower stand to buy flowers..the stand is situated outside of one of the big cemeteries and I had to follow the crowds today…

feb27 007

The flowers are beautiful and only 5 dollars!!!

feb27 013

Some of my regular lady readers are again complaining of not enough photos of me……now this might be a little stretch but after all it is MY blog….so feast your eyes as I am all dressed up to go out to dinner at one of my poker buddies house…I took the flowers as a gift..

not bad for an old guy!!!!!

feb27 011

Boy do I have some great days!!!

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