Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday 19th February 2011…a step back in time!!

Boring I know but I started my morning watching live soccer…yeah i know you read this every Saturday…..

Today was my little outing about 15 miles out of town to

feb19 001

feb19 007

This site just opened last week and I have asked around but so far no explanation about the name Canada…

The site was extremely well organised you turn off the main highway into a parking lot pay 30 pesos for a ticket and then you are taken on a mini bus about 7km along this road

feb19 006

then you are dropped off and have to walk about 1 km to the site entrance…this is the welcome committee..

feb19 009

Our guide, Natalie, explains the features of the site.  It is not as majestic as the bigger pyramids further south but still pretty impressive and so close to town.  Also Natalie made sure that we stayed together as a group and we were not allowed to wonder off on our own.  Sit back and enjoy this step back in time…

feb19 012


feb19 010

feb19 020

feb19 015

feb19 028

feb19 034


feb19 042

feb19 048

feb19 045

feb19 051

feb19 060The view looking back towards the lake and town and the house!!!

It was a very good morning and I was impressed with every aspect of the tour and the site!!!

Back into town and you just don’t know what will happen around the next corner!!

feb19 063

I could tell you at this point of the day I did my usual 2 hour sunbathe but it would not be true……all I am saying is I spent two hours figuring out how to get back into the house after I left without the front door key……phone calls…. taxi rides…. and eventually located the spare key,,,,enough said!!!

Tonight not one but two live hockey games…..the first game here in Toronto

feb19 064

It is Armed Forces Appreciation night and those incredible fans…450 season ticket holders donate their seats to members of the Forces as a thank you….gotta love em!!!!!!!!

feb19 065

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