Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday 24th February 2011..some sadness!!

9am found me on the tennis court yet again and yet again 2 hours of good fun and a bit of a workout..came home and relaxed for a while before going to Casa Hogar to pick up the girls…this is where the sadness started..I saw Paola still in her school uniform in a deep conversation with one of the Madres, she did come over and give me a hug and a peck on the cheek, but she had these huge tears in her eyes……from what I could understand she would not be allowed to come out this afternoon with me…she was being very brave about it…Paola is one tough girl and she does not like to show any sign of weakness but this was hard for her as I left with Daniela and her sister Lupita.  My knowledge of Spanish did not let me understand what had transpired just so sad that Paola could not come out.

We first went and did some chores and then went grocery shopping they love to do this…

feb24 006

feb24 007

feb24 008

Lupita is so cute she loves to help with everything and so very willing and happy and Daniela looks out for her, they are so good together…

Some street scenes….

One everywhere isn’t there??

feb24 004

feb24 002This lady was outside one of the small bakeries so we went inside and bought and gave her two muffins….the girls wanted to do this!!!!!!

feb24 001

This is the first plate I have ever seen and hope to see lot more when I pass that way in October!!

feb24 009

So the girls got a choice for a little lunch..feliz chicken, Pizza, McDonalds and I think you know by now what their number one choice is…the casa and

feb24 017

I think the fun of eating them is half the reason…

feb24 015

feb24 019

feb24 010

feb24 020

Backyard flower pot..

feb24 011

Time for a nap on the way home…

feb24 022

I gave a little care package to Daniela and asked her to give it to Paola….these girls bring so much happiness and joy to my life…I am so lucky!!!

Had an eye test last week to get new reading glasses I gave them a pair of my frames and I picked them up this afternoon total cost 40 dollars…

feb24 025

feb24 023

Notice the George Clooney look alike 3 day growth!!!!



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