Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday 21st February 2011…at last an easy going day!!!

Woke up again to beautiful hot and sunn……ooppps   I have strict instructions and even orders not to mention the weather here in SMA….

I saw a notice on the local advertising list about a free photo workshop being held at one of the newer developments about 8 miles outside of town and I decided to go and boy was I glad I did.  The presenter, Tim Poly, was a wonderful speaker and the course very useful..what I liked best was that he had no notes and never once spoke about F stops, shutter speeds and pixels…he talked about photography as a passion, a way to communicate..his advice keep it simple, get closer and have fun!!!!

He talked about lines, depth and borders and keeping things off centre…it really was time well spent.  We then went outside for 45 minutes and put our new instructions to use here are a few of my shots…

feb21 001

feb21 005

feb21 006

feb21 007

feb21 020

feb21 032

feb21 031

feb21 026

feb21 024

It really was a worthwhile workshop….

Came home and of course went outside for the usual…

Now a quiet evening at home….

Best wishes to Linda and Guy!!!


Kevin and Ruth said...

Looks like the workshop was worth it. Your pictures are fantastic, not that they weren't before.

Kevin and Ruth

mexicokid said...

It was truly an eye opener another way at looking for phtos,,,thanks i was hoping to see you at barb and Sol but looks like I am here a while longer be safe and happy Les

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