Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday 25th February 2011…a real lazy day!!!

For the first time in weeks I had no plans till tennis at 4pm…so I enjoyed my time at the casa…poached eggs for breakfast..did some computer and reading…spent a couple of hours cleaning the rugs in Ramona and of course some sun bathing…..then it was time for tennis…this is one of the owner’s of the RV park little guy..

feb255 001

After tennis I had been invited by friends from the RV park to dinner and then we had tickets for a play….the restaurant was my kind of place..

feb255 002

The restaurant was empty but the burgers very delicious thank you Jecka!!!!!

The play was in the funky little theatre

feb255 005

Just a cast of two, no intermission and a very well acted but deep and dark play…

on the walk home the busiest taco stand in town!!

feb255 006

So another day comes to an end and I have a big adventure planned for tomorrow so stay tuned!!!!!

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