Monday, February 07, 2011

Monday 7th February 2011….A special day in Mexico!!

Today is Constitution Day (Dia de la Constitucion) in Mexico.

The federal and state governments shall organize the penal system within their respective jurisdictions on the basis of labor, training and education as a means of social readjustment of the offender.

-from Article 18 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States

On this day in 1917, the Constitutional Congress approved the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States, which continues to govern Mexico today. The new constitution addressed concerns of land reform advocated by revolutionary reformists during the Mexican Revolution by promising to restore lands to native Mexicans. The constitution also introduced significant economic and educational reforms.

The Mexican constitution has many similarities to the constitution of the United States, including a separation of church and state, universal free education and the right of citizens to peaceably assemble. Among the significant differences is Article 18, which asserts that the purpose of imprisonment is rehabilitation, while the U.S. generally acknowledges other goals of incarceration, such as deterrence and segregation of the offender from society. Therefore, Mexico will not allow extradition of criminal suspects to countries that permit life sentences, such as the U.S., unless an avoidance of a life sentence can be guaranteed.

To celebrate the constitution, a public holiday is observed in Mexico on this day.


Whilst having my morning tea I heard the familiar sound of an air balloon and took this from the back yard!!!

feb7 002

At 9.30am we went to the RV park to pick up our friends, Terri and Mike and a new friend Jecka and off we went on a road trip about 90 minutes away to the below!!!



The biggest rocky formation of Mexico, la Peña de Bernal, is a 350 m high monolith with governs the landscape in the central region of the state of Querétaro. Its emblematic appearance embodies various stories full of magic and mysticism.

Close to the village of Bernal, in the state of Querétaro, stands the biggest singular rock of Mexico, a gigantic monolith that reaches the height of 350 m and which can be clearly distinguished from far away.

This monolith forms an essential part of the picturesque landscape surrounding the village of Bernal, catalogued as one of the Magical Villages, and has been used as a scenery for various movies. The friendly and hospitable inhabitants of this place, who tend to stay in good health and reach an extremely old age, claim to have seen unidentified flying objects -UFOs- flying about above the rock.

As time has passed, la Peña de Bernal has turned into a meeting place for those who believe in its energetic virtues. Every 21st of March, during the spring-time equinox, hundreds of people gather in its vicinity in order to "charge themselves with energy" and thus renew their strength.

During the past years la Peña de Bernal has also gained fame among many sportsmen and –women, who have started to practice various adventure sports over there, such as trekking, climbing and rappel.

On the way we passed a road side stall selling baskets of strawberries

feb7 071You get all the strawberries at least 5lbs and the basket for 80 pesos….6 dollars!!

You drive towards Bernal and expecting to see this huge rock when suddenly round the corner it appears!!!

feb7 008

We parked and the 5 of us started to walk towards the base of the rock.  I have been here before, last year actually twice, and Sara was looking at my last years blog post of the same visit and too funny but today I am wearing the same shirt!!!

feb7 011

feb7 013

It looks a long way to hike….only three of us left for the climb Sara and Jecka decided that shopping was on their agenda …so off we went

feb7 014

Terri and Mike!!

feb7 019

The views were quite spectacular!!

feb7 020

feb7 021

feb7 027

This was pretty scary to watch… these people had climbed up and were now trying to get down, we didn’t stay around to watch!!

feb7 029

It was a great hike…and at the bottom Terri and Mike treated themselves to one of these but I was too chicken to try!!!

feb7 031

The town centre square is very beautiful

feb7 036

feb7 033

I bought a great CD from these guys one I have always wanted popular songs on the Peruvian flutes!!!

feb7 039

feb7 041

Cannot pass up local made ice cream..

feb7 045

Mustard and ketchup on ice cream?????

feb7 048

feb7 050

feb7 053

feb7 059Look really closely for the text above the ladies heads!!!

feb7 060

feb7 063

On the way home…this is Jecka!!

feb7 068

We got home just before dark around 7pm and it was really a great day and one I think we all will remember!!!!!

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