Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday 20th February 2011….Sunday musings!!!

Woke up to a brilliant warm and sunny day and was playing tennis at 10am for two hours.  Went into town and bought some fresh vegetables and came back to the casa and just had to go outside and read and sunbathe and sleep…..then it was time to cook my dinner and have it ready for later in the evening.

At 5pm I went to Casa Hogar as the girls were entertained for a short while by my friend Rae…..when I got there the girls were engrossed in a movie..

feb20 001

Rae was going to tell a fable about animals in Africa and here he is setting the stage…

feb20 008

Paola was taking video..

feb20 005

Rae and the young lady he brought with him to translate were awesome and the girls were loving this..

feb20 015

feb20 020

feb20 025

feb20 049

It was a lovely time and the girls enjoyed something different…so kind of Rae to come and perform especially when he has to under go surgery tomorrow……

I came home in time to watch a live hockey game from Calgary

feb20 051

but with a difference this was a rare outdoor game with over 40,000 fans freezing in the stands!!!

feb20 052

Time for that delicious dinner..

feb20 053Looks pretty good and all fresh!!!

The owners of the house Linda and Guy were due to be coming home in the next few days but sad to say Guy has taken sick and is in the hospital in Tucson…I want to wish him a speedy recovery and Linda I hope you take care of yourself……I have told them I will stay here till they return…best wishes to them!!

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