Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday 14th February 2011…lots happening!!!

Today 16 years ago one of the best Mum’s ever to grace this planet passed away in her sleep at 75 years young.  My Mum was an awesome and inspiring lady even though she dressed me in girl’s clothing!!!


We were always very close even though we spent most of our years thousands of miles away from each other.  I salute you and love you!mum

It has become a tradition for me on this day to release a balloon in honour of my Mum and I went up to the Mirador this evening…

feb14 018

feb14 021

It was a busy last day for Sara we spent the morning zooming around town on the scooter

feb14 006

The town was very festive and many vendors like these around…

feb14 002

feb14 003

One of the jobs on my agenda was to get the seat covers in Ramona re-covered and Sara was very helpful in measurements and here we are picking out the fabric

feb14 012

Then to a fabric store for zippers, thread and elastic

feb14 014

Then to Maria’s house, she is the seamstress I found last week

feb14 016

For five and a half metres of great quality fabric and all the threads, zippers, etc.…total coast about 75 dollars.  I don’t know what the cost would be at home but I imagine so much more, so now I shall wait and see how they look and  how much I am charged it is a lot of work 2 large dining room cushions, 2 smaller dining room cushion, covering the couch and then 5 cushions!!!

We came home and sunbathed for a couple of hours and played Backgammon and I felt it only fair as Sara is leaving in the morning to let her win so she is not sad about leaving!!!!!!Winking smile


As a valentine treat or Sara may call it a gambling debt I treated her at the restaurant again…

feb14 024

So a mixture of emotions today but another great day…thanks Sara for good company and letting me wait on you for 7 travels!!!

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