Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday 23rd February 2011…I may loose some readers over this post!!!!

Today started with a 9am trip into town to pick up two of my friends from the RV park and another lady from town and drive them out to the pyramid that I went to on Saturday…I stayed in the parking lot and enjoyed myself relaxing and reading and doing research on my upcoming summer trip.

They really enjoyed the visit except the other lady that I took got sick and they had to get an ambulance for her……I think the heat and the walking got to her.  However she did recover enough for me to bring her back to town.

The regular poker game was cancelled as too many guys were away…I think they were frightened to loose more money to me!!!!

So I had to stay home and a watch a live European soccer game from France!!!!!  The game finished in time for me to dash to the tennis courts for two hours of yet again great tennis…home in time for wonderful sunset shots.

At the casa the cable TV I watch is the same as back home in Nanaimo so imagine my surprise when I am watching the evening news and they are talking about the unexpected and large snow storms on the island….

Sorry I just cannot resist this…

feb23 003

feb23 020

feb23 008

feb23 021

feb23 009

feb23 022

feb23 024-1

So where would you rather be?????

Glad to report that my friend Guy is out of hospital now he just needs to get his strength back…

Another really good day here in Mexican paradise!!


Kevin and Ruth said...

Aren't you glad to be in Mexico!

Kevin and Ruth

mexicokid said...

What a big dump of snow they had...too bad!!!

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