Saturday, February 05, 2011

Saturday 5th February 2011….a sporty day!!

Which started at 7am this morning as I got up to watch live soccer from the UK

feb5 002

Then it was off to tennis I got a call yesterday from someone I don’t know inviting me to make up a foursome…it was two hours of competitive men's doubles that I really enjoyed!!

Back home to pick up Sara who had made lunches as we were scheduled to pick up the girls to take them to the water park just outside of town.

At Casa Hogar we were again informed that Daniela had not done her work to the satisfaction of the Madre and she would not allowed to come with us…as much as I do understand the system and admire everything about the home I was very disappointed that she could not come….Paola was allowed to come and she brought another friend with her, Carmelita, a lovely girl.

The first stop was at the restaurant where they have bicycles and Paola was on her bike in a flash and gone…

feb5 023

It was Carmelita's first time on a bike and she needed a little help but she did well!!

feb5 019

This girl didn’t need help…

feb5 011

The girls rode for about 30 minutes and were tired at the end…

feb5 029

Next was to check on the stables and the horses…

feb5 006

We drove the few miles to

feb5 079

and the water park…sit back and watch these girls have fun in this beautiful and well maintained park!!!!

feb5 033

feb5 043

feb5 047

feb5 048

feb5 062

feb5 063

I managed to convince the girls to go on this  slide above but only if I waited at the bottom to pull them out so imagine my surprise when the shoes were the first things to come down the slide!!!!

feb5 072

Thank goodness the girls followed shortly afterwards!!!

feb5 069

feb5 078

We all had a great time and the girls were so good and happy.  We then took them back to the house where they wanted to eat cup of noodles…can you imagine we offered to take them to McDonalds but no they wanted instant noodles which Sara doctored up for them with lemon and salsa and they watched the penguin movie Happy Feet again…..Sara braided each of the girls hair and they looked so cute don’t ask me why I didn’t take a photo!!!!

I drove them back home and then picked up Chinese food on the way back and I finished the night watching a hockey game!!!!

It was a lovely day but just hoping next time both my girls can come out to play!!!!

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