Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday 18th February 2011…a bit of a working day!!

I want to wish my special friend Karen a very Happy Birthday today!!!Birthday cake

I spent this morning starting to get Ramona ready moving things in and cleaning.

It was so warm and lovely again I just had spend some time sun bathing and reading then at 3pm went to Casa Hogar to get my girls.  The little girls were having their lunch

feb18 001

Look at their eyes…all are happy, the little one on the left is such a beauty!!!

Paola and Daniela were waiting for me and we went to the restaurant where they let us ride bikes.

Paola is gone like a flash and Daniela is just about ready to ride on her own…

feb18 004

feb18 008

They like to go to the stables and check out the horses..

feb18 009

Gave them a choice for an early supper but guess what they wanted to do?  Come to the house have cup of noodles and watch TV….so we did!!

feb18 011

These two young ladies never cease to amaze me after they ate I started to clean up and the told me no…they took the dishes to the sink and they both washed and cleaned their own dishes…amazing!!!

They had about 45 minutes before I had to take them to their English classes so they watched TV but it was just too much for Paola…

feb18 010

Dropped them off at their class and they both hugged and thanked me…what gems they are!!!!

Tonight is a TV night and a big outing planned for tomorrow…stay tuned!!

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