Friday, February 04, 2011

Friday 4th February 2011…your lucky day…you get a free Pearson tour!!!!!

The tour starts about a 45 minute drive away at this farm…

feb4 030

feb4 004

This farm is a community farm shared by 6 women and all the grounds are very beautiful and our host Cynthia was so happy we came and told us we could walk anywhere we wished…

feb4 006

feb4 008

feb4 009

feb4 010

feb4 013

feb4 016

feb4 025

A new beautiful addition being built..

feb4 021

feb4 026

feb4 032

The main entrance…

feb4 033

It was  a very interesting visit to see how inventive and adventuresome people can be!!!

We then drove into the main little square..this town less than a hundred years ago was a thriving mining town with a population of over 50,000 people, today less than 2,000 people call this home and many buildings are just abandoned


feb4 042

feb4 044

feb4 048

feb4 045

feb4 047

feb4 050

No matter how deserted a town is you can always rely on you know who to find a store!!!

feb4 055

The shop owner…

feb4 057

It worked out well for Sara because she has signed up for a silver jewellery making course next week and she found some great stones in this store to make in ear rings and a pendant!!

Croft do you recognize this store?

feb4 065

You should you dropped 1200 pesos here last year!!!!

feb4 061

feb4 059

A very photogenic town and it was fun to see it again!!!

feb4 062

feb4 063

We arrived just after 6pm and we enjoyed the outing.. a quiet night with a movie to watch in a few minutes!!!!


It's Time to Live said...

I know you don't know me but I would have had a great time on this adventure. (with my camera)

mexicokid said...

welcome..yes today was a photographers dream....Les

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