Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday 10th February 2011…….fun day!!!

This morning started out by me taking Sara downtown today was the first of three lessons she was having making silver jewellery…I then went to the tennis courts where I had been invited again for a men's doubles and again it was two good hours of hard tennis…..back into town to pick up Sara and then out to Casa Hogar as we were hoping to take the girls swimming.  Because of what has happened the last couple of times we were not sure who could come but very happy upon our arrival to have Paola and Daniela ready and waiting and off we went to La Gruta, hot springs… which are just a few miles out of town!!

feb10 003Gruta means soon as we arrived and the girls were changed they were into the water and never came out for two hours..please enjoy them…

feb10 008The new suits a gift from Sara..

It is a beautiful, clean and peaceful area

feb10 007


feb10 034

feb10 004

feb10 010Check out the glamour chicks!!!!

The cave!!

feb10 013

feb10 017

Put your own caption of the next couple of photos!!!

feb10 033

feb10 024

The girls had a blast and so did Sara and I!!!!

We had to have the girls back before 5pm and on the way home they devoured a sandwich and a mango each!!!

Tonight we went back to the steakhouse for supper

feb10 035

Sara treated me I cannot say why…….




I suppose I can…she was paying off her gambling debts to the Backgammon King!!

Then onto a show the three British actors we saw last month put on another fun night with, music, comedy and poems

feb10 037


….Sara treated me to this….For the same reason as above!!!!

Just a lovely day!!!!

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