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Wednesday 6th April 2011…..Day 2

Slept well the bed was reasonably soft but the pillow a little hard…I know I set myself up for some nasty comments but last night was the first night since I was in England last summer that I have not slept on my flannel sheets with my own Hutterite pillow and comforter!!!!!

Had my strawberries and packed a good lunch as I had signed up for an escorted tour with the hotel….there was another couple from Canada and then we went to another hotel and picked up another couple and guess what it was the older Mexican couple that had took my seat yesterday and they spoke PERFECT English!!!

Our guide Lois was driving a nice ford van and I was lucky to get the front seat…

The first stop was a reservation type of land where the natives live

copper canyon 107

We were taken to a cave where we told it was OK to take photos….. 8 people lived in this cave and as I was beginning to find out everywhere the locals are trying to sell you their handicrafts!!

copper canyon 029

This is looking into the cave and the following shots are all taken inside the cave!!

copper canyon 022

copper canyon 025

copper canyon 024

copper canyon 020

copper canyon 021

My rocket candies and hair bands were a huge success

copper canyon 030copper canyon 038

The beautiful church built in the 1700’s…

copper canyon 037

copper canyon 036

We were told that there were no seats because the church is used for parties and dances!!!

The whole area was littered with incredible rock formations and you could use your imagination to guess the shapes!!

copper canyon 033

copper canyon 040A clue here I am doing my Elephant impression!!

copper canyon 034

This was the next stop

copper canyon 041

Which was reached on a narrow dirt track

copper canyon 043

The waterfall was just a trickle but in rainy season it is I am told gushing and quite stunning,  still pretty nice view..

copper canyon 044

There was an option to hike to the bottom and I was the only one who did and I had a guide a kid about the same age as Paola and Daniela and boy was he true to the spirit of the name of the Raramuri he took off like a flash leaving me in his dust imagine how he was on the way up!!!  He took this photo for me

copper canyon 047

copper canyon 045

This was a very lovely area!!!

Horseshoe lake was the next and last stop

copper canyon 049

This could be any lake in Northern British Columbia!!!

I love this photo

copper canyon 051

The beautiful lake, the lady weaving even the hind quarters of the local dog!!!

It was a great 4 hour tour the places I would never have found on my own and well worth the 150 pesos!!!!!

After some lunch and a read of my novel I set out on a walking tour by myself…

copper canyon 052This guy in his native dress adorns the only traffic circle in town!!

This photo below was taken from the traffic circle looking one way

copper canyon 053Notice the 3 levels of houses and now this photo taken looking the opposite direction

copper canyon 054

Cave dwellers with an apple tree at the entrance.  It really is like stepping into another world the Raramuri are a race that are small in stature, very dark and not really very friendly, maybe just shy!!!

I was in desperate need of real food so I scouted the town and finished up here

copper canyon 056

Two tables and my cook

copper canyon 055

I had a local dish called hamburger and fries….30 pesos!!!

Enjoyed another quiet evening listening to music, journaling and reading….quite a remarkable day and one to remember!!!

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Kevin and Ruth said...

Sounds like a great time so far. We will have to remember all these places and tours when we head there in a year or two. We have Whiskey to think about so it will have to be when she is gone :(

Kevin and Ruth

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