Saturday, April 09, 2011

Thursday 7th April 2011….Day 3

Another good sleep and cereal for breakfast and another packed lunch and I got a ride with the same driver as yesterday to the town where the train stopped',  Divisadero and made my way to the new Tram cable car and Zip line.  I opted for the whole package the zip line into the canyon and the cable car back up…cost was 600 pesos…do I look ready??

copper canyon 062

This is the longest zip line in Latin America

copper canyon 058and the Z is where I am zipping to!!!!

After a signing a waiver, big joke, I was given the customary instructions and away I went to the first platform

copper canyon 063

You want me to go all the way over there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

copper canyon 064

There was my main guide, Marco and 2 Raramui guys Sammy and Martin and there were all vital parts of this experience….so I was strapped in and just for the briefest of seconds I thought what the heck am I doing!!!!!  and AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

copper canyon 079

Marco offered to take my camera and he took all these photos at one point he took a short video which is really good so if anyone knows how to get the video clip from my Picasa album through Live writer on to this blog please let me know or how to get it into a yahoo e mail!!

The rush was fantastic, the views heavenly and I was not frightened at all I was told I was reaching speeds of up to 80 km

copper canyon 066

This was the next surprise as well as the 7 zip line stations there are two long suspension


Larry wish you were here…remember the Kettle Valley?????

copper canyon 067

Well still in one piece!!

copper canyon 069

Yes is where I still have to zip to!!!!

copper canyon 070

The above is the hotel with every room a canyon view…for 200 dollars a night I think I will stay with my little Casa M!!!!

copper canyon 071

copper canyon 072

copper canyon 075

Sammy and I posing!!!

copper canyon 077This was the big zip and we took it in tandem and this is where I have the video clip, it is really cool!!!

copper canyon 080


copper canyon 081

Sammy and Martin at the end…the last zip line Marco told me I reached over 90 km… was the most wonderful and breath taking thing I think I have done and for sure one for the memory banks!!!!!

I then took the cable care back to the starting point 3 km away..

copper canyon 087

copper canyon 088

copper canyon 091That middle slit of rock is where some families live!!!!

copper canyon 090

copper canyon 085

I then sat on the edge of the canyon had lunch and marvelled and the brains and brawn to construct such an incredible system!!!!!….. then  took the local bus back to Creel.

My knee is still not 100% and the short bus ride seemed to aggravate it so I have changed my plans and not to take the chicken bus to the canyon floor tomorrow a ride of nearly 6 hours, too much inactivity so will save that for my next visit and tomorrow I shall take the train back.

Later on in the afternoon I hiked to the top of the small hill out of town where the Cristorey Statue is located.

copper canyon 099

copper canyon 098

The view from the top!!

copper canyon 097Right in the middle next to the church with the steeple is Casa M….

copper canyon 100C is the statue!!


Again had a quiet evening but was reliving the thrills of the day one I shall never forget!!!


living.boondockingmexico said...

It's a cool place. I hope we make it back there, especially now with the new attractions. Have fun!

Kevin and Ruth said...

We so want to do this!

Kevin and Ruth

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